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introducing kindergarten to the wonderful world of CLAY!!!! July 8, 2011

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I absolutely loved doing clay with kindergarten this year! The closest thing to clay most of them have used is silly putty or play dough.  They loved it!!!! I order air dry clay from school specialty for almost $20 a pack.  I also bought a wire tool to cut which really helps out when you’re trying to give out portions. 

The first day, I teach the kids about the clay.  I let them use their senses to learn about it.  We pass it around and discuss what they already know about it.  We talk about all the possibilities it has!  After discussing it, I let the children go discover, not giving them too much direction.  I explain that we will be making a pinch pot and I show them what that looks like and how to make one.  I do tell them that they can make a practice pinch pot if they would like.  With about 30 minutes left in class, I tell them to wad their clay up.  I have them roll it into a ball and we start creating our pinch pots.  I show them how they can use different materials to create different textures and we have a BLAST!!!! They had so much fun with this project and I had a very high success rate (no broken pinch pots) J. 

I let the clay dry until I have them the following week.  I have tried painting clay two ways and they both work.  I either mix tempera paint with gloss varnish or I have the kids paint them with plain tempera and my volunteer and I use gloss varnish after they are done.  I don’t know which way I prefer.  With the kinders, I probably liked them just using the plain tempera better!

Try this! They love it…. I love it… and the outcome is absolutely adorable!!!!

They all turn out so unique!!! It’s WONDERFUL!!!

 To see the outcome, go to


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