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ABOUT MY PAGE!!! March 23, 2011

My name is Whitney Farr. I am currently a first year art educator in Camdenton, MO. I teach kindergarten through fourth grade art and absolutely love it! I teach at two small schools and teach approximately 380 little artists.  I have found, in my first year, that I get many of my inspirations for my projects online.  So I figured, why not create my own blog to help others in my shoes?  So, here I am.  I intend to post lesson ideas, student artwork, learning experiences, and much much more.  I could not be happier with any other profession and I want to share my love for what I do with the WHOLE WORLD! The kids I teach are my life! This year has been the beginning of one of the best journeys of my life! I will have much more very soon….


One Response to “ABOUT MY PAGE!!!”

  1. Ivan Says:

    Hey!! I really like your idea!! I’m going to steal it…..Plus i’m the first one to post something in here. GOOD LUCK

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